Rappi and Falabella fined for violating information privacy

LatAm List – Colombia’s Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio (SIC) announced sanctions of $496M to Banco Falabella and $298M to Rappi for breaching personal data protection.

The decision was made after both companies ignored clients’ petitions to remove their personal information from their databases and to stop using their data for commercial and marketing purposes.

The companies must now implement a permanent monitoring mechanism to comply with these demands and run external audits to verify that these measures have been put in practice.

Rappi responded that it always gets its users’ consent to use their personal information before registering and using their application.

Banco Falabella said that it would file an appeal to the Personal Data Protection Deputy Superintendent before making their decision official.

Read more on Valora Analitik.

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