Rappi, Glovo, and PedidosYa charged for deceptive clauses in contracts

LatamListThe Undersecretariat of Actions for the Defense of Consumers in Argentina charged the delivery companies Rappi, Glovo, and PedidosYa for alleged abusive clauses and misleading information in their contracts. The fines for these infractions can reach $72,560 (ARS$5M).

“The terms and conditions of the platforms have clauses that would be abusive as they dissociate themselves from consumer responsibilities; to access the service, customers are required to give up rights that are constitutionally guaranteed,” according to a statement from the agency.

For Rappi and Glovo, when the consumer accesses the application, they agree to hire the delivery worker, instead of the delivery company, which is known as a mandate contract, but the information provided is not sufficiently clear to the respect. 

“In the case of Glovo[…]the consumer waives the right of revocation[…]in non-perishable products. In other words, consumers cannot return the product if they are not satisfied with the purchase,” added the agency.

For PedidosYa, the undersecretary details that “the firm disclaims responsibility for any error[…]and reserves the possibility of unsubscribing or rejecting users without expressing reasons[…] in its terms and conditions, reference is made to other instruments, but it is not specified what they are”.

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