RYZ Labs launches to help startups leverage Latin American tech talent


A new hybrid startup studio and human capital agency called RYZ Labs has been officially launched by entrepreneurs Jordan Metzner and Sam Nadler.

RYZ was launched in Los Angeles to leverage top-tier technical talent in Latin America. Metzner and Sam Nadler worked at Amazon and Lyft before returning to entrepreneurship.

“We’re developing startups from scratch, as well as helping other startups scale by sourcing high-quality talent, mostly based in Latin America,” Metzner told Latamlist.

Metzner and Nadler’s shared expertise in the Latin American market, coupled with their early-stage startup know-how, allows them to identify and engage the best engineers in the region. 

RYZ’s team incubates ideas and builds MVPs before recruiting leadership and preparing revenue-generating businesses for outside investment. Each concept leverages the RYZ Human Capital agency to scale with Latin American tech talent. They offer this service to other high-growth startups looking to augment their product and engineering teams and are already servicing multiple clients. 

RYZ Labs has already launched several startups, including venture capital-backed HipTrain, a marketplace for 1:1 wellness coaching, and Offsiteio, a one-stop shop for booking corporate offsites. 

Metzner also shared with Latamlist RYZ’s thesis:

“RYZ Labs is really just focused on building and creating value for our startups that we build and that we serve. We’re really passionate builders, taking ideas and turning them into real businesses, and I think that’s something myself, my partner Sam, and the rest of us at RYZ are really excited about doing for a long, long time.”

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