Six Latin American startups presented at Y Combinator Summer 2018 Demo Day

Y Combinator‘s Summer 2018 Demo Day offered an opportunity for 132 startups to present their ideas in front of top VCs and angel investors. These startups came from 19 different countries and 15% sported female founders. Among these were six startups that represented Mexico, Puerto Rico, Chile, and Colombia in the prestigious accelerator.

SkyDrop (Mexico): Founded in 2014, SkyDrop is a logistics startup with its own drivers that helps e-commerce companies deliver faster. SkyDrop raised US$2M before even entering Y Combinator.

Higia (Mexico): Higia is a Mexican biotech company that builds sensors to help in the early detection of breast cancer.

BrainHi (Puerto Rico): BrainHi is the first Puerto Rican startup to enter Y Combinator. The startup uses artificial intelligence to streamline the customer service process for health services and clinics.

Fintual (Chile): Fintual is the first Chilean startup in Y Combinator. Fintual is a robo-advisor that helps customers make investments that fit their risk profiles.

Grin (Mexico): Grin is an electric scooter-sharing company that was founded in Mexico City in just April 2018. The company recently raised a US$20M seed round from investors including Y Combinator.

UBits (Colombia): UBits provides online courses for professional development to lower the cost of professional training by up to 40%.

Read more about these startups in PulsoSocial.

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