Skandia and Accial launch fund to boost social impact fintechs in Colombia

Skandia and Accial Capital Management have joined forces to launch Impacto, a credit capital fund that will drive the growth of fintechs.

Impacto will offer senior collateralized loans in Mexico and Colombia, focusing on online alternative non-bank lending companies, better known as credit fintechs. This fund’s goal is to invest in fintechs that impact society by providing credit to SMEs and individuals who do not have access to this type of financing. 

Individuals and institutional investors can invest from 5 million Colombian pesos. Impacto will start with a seed capital contributed by Skandia that ranges between 20 and 25 billion Colombian pesos. 

The alliance between Skandia and the international manager Accial Capital Management will guarantee the fund’s stability and generate confidence in investors.

Skandia brings its experience in asset management and knowledge of the Colombian market. At the same time, Accial provides the technology, the control and follow-up of investments, and the social impact measurement. Accial’s data analysis technology can identify which fintechs can be lent to and under what conditions, thereby mitigating risks and granting appropriate credit quotas. 

Impacto will reach all underserved segments via a diversification strategy. The fund will invest in fintechs that already have a track record of providing credit and the potential to continue scaling and growing. This strategy is intended to mitigate risks and safeguard investors’ money.

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