The ILO wants to regulate the gig-economy popularized by Uber and Rappi

LatAm List – In a recent report, the International Labor Organization (ILO) recommended that countries establish social protections guarantees and better minimum wage rules for all workers. They made special emphasis on protecting gig-economy workers who work on contract for platforms like Uber or Rappi, warning that work conditions for these “digital paperboys” can easily become dangerous.

The report focused on providing social support for workers throughout their lives, especially in the face of increasing digitalization, even in highly informal economies. It called for platforms to guarantee “the dignity of people who work ‘on call,’ so they have options for more flexibility and control over their schedules.” These changes would include minimum payment levels, and payment for wait times when workers are ‘on call’ but not active.

This report aims to help people gain more control over their schedules and time, and to help employers increase productivity and get the work they need.

Read more in La Nación.


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