TiendaMIA partners with Nubi to improve cross-border e-commerce in Argentina

TiendaMIA offers products from the world’s largest e-commerce sites, eBay, Amazon, and Walmart, in Latin America. Nubi is a company created by Banco Comafi that helps Argentine customers access PayPal by making it possible to connect your local bank account to PayPal.

These services allow Argentine shoppers to purchase on TiendaMIA without a credit card, streamlining the process of cross-border purchasing in Argentina.

Said Manuel Gros, Country Manager for in Argentina in the original article for PulsoSocial:

“We are very excited about this alliance because it will allow more users to access products that are not available in Argentina. There is a growing tendency to eliminate barriers of entry to global digital services. This work with Nubi is helping with that mission, making it possible for people without a credit card to access the US market.”

The possibility of using PayPal for international purchases is particularly attractive because PayPal allows for reimbursements if the product is returned. This initiative is helping Latin America leapfrog over traditional banks, moving straight into mobile money programs that allow consumers to reach the international market.

Read the original article in PulsoSocial.


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