Uruguayan government launches challenge to demonstrate how blockchain can solve regional challenges

LatAm List – The open-source blockchain platform, aeternity, was recently deployed to solve seven challenges placed by the Uruguayan government and Universidad ORT Uruguay to prove real-world applications of smart contracts. These challenges were set by the Ministry of Agriculture, duty-free zone, Zonamerica, the newspaper, El Observador, and AGESIC, the government agency for electronic government.

These challenges included:

Sustainable Vegetables: Tracing the chain of produce production through the æternity blockchain.

Origins: Helping people who have been adopted trace their origins using the blockchain.

Football Tokens: Enables any sports team or football club to have its own crypto-currency as well as digital album trading card season, all implemented with blockchain to ensure security and scalability, with almost instantaneous transactions without commissions.

Logistics Challenge: Tracing all imports coming through Zonamerica and ensuring all documentation is accurate through the blockchain.

Agro Challenge: Tracing products all the way through the supply chain, creating transparency between consumers, manufacturers, and producers.

Media Challenge: Making news traceable from the journalist to the source through the blockchain and providing certifications for traceable stories.

“We strive to always remain on the cutting-edge, finding new ways to solve real problems with blockchain,” said Pablo Coirolo, æternity CEO Americas. “Working on some of these projects allowed us to showcase the depth and breadth of our blockchain solution and we’re excited to take what we’ve applied here in Uruguay and offer a global solution to problems using our blockchain.”

The æternity blockchain proved capable of solving more than half of these challenges, proving improved applications of this new technology to help resolve complex issues in Latin America.

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