Viajala opens Santiago office and goes after US market

Viajala, Latin America’s largest metasearch company, owes some of its success to the Start-Up Chile program that gave them a grant to take the platform from idea to reality. That was five years ago, and Viajala now has offices in Colombia, Argentina, Peru, and Chile. They expect to process over 37 million searches from across the region in 2018.

According to El Mercurio, Chile is Viajala’s fastest growing market. In the first trimester of 2017, Chilean customers made over 1.3 million searches, making more than 15 million searches per year – almost half of Viajala’s searches. Despite being a small country, Chile has a competitive travel industry that makes it a prime location for Viajala to open a new office.

In 2017, Viajala processed 126% more searches than in 2016. Their next step is to go after the Latino market in the United States, where they plan on opening their next office.

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