Viajala to invest US$3M into the Mexican market

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Viajala is Latin America’s largest travel metasearch website, with more than 3.5 million monthly searches completed in 2018. Mexico is one of Viajala’s largest and fastest-growing markets, registering around 1.6 million searches in the first six months that Viajala was operating in the country. The Mexican market for Viajala grew by 70% as compared to the same period in 2017. For that reason, the startup is investing US$3M to consolidate in the Mexican market and establish their brand.

“Mexico is a very important market for Viajala. Thus far in the year, we have registered over 79.1 million internet users and 50 million airline passengers,” says Thomas Allier, CEO of Viajala.

Viajala’s search volume has grown by 84% since 2017 and the metasearch company already has over 500 airlines and one million hotels registered on the site. Since 2013, Viajala has participated in multiple accelerators, including Start-Up Chile and Ruta N, and has raised around US$500K in venture funding.

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