Webprendedor celebrates 10 years of supporting tech entrepreneurship

Webprendedor is a yearly event that brings together dozens of web entrepreneurs from Latin America to create a supportive network to catalyze the Chilean tech ecosystem. Founded by Nico Orellana, co-founder of Welcu, Webprendedor first brought together a group of Chile’s nascent tech entrepreneurs in March 2007 to start talking about how to use technology to improve society.

What started as a small blog has now turned into a larger movement in Chile and Latin America. Since it was founded, Webprendedor has organized nine trips outside of Chile to help these entrepreneurs get to know tech hubs in San Francisco, London, and New York.

This year, Webprendedor will celebrate its 10th annual conference in Santiago, Chile at the Gabriela Mistral Center on March 24th, 2017. Presenters include Luis Ahumada, CEO of Mediastream, Maria Paz Guillet, CEO of Jooycar, Pedro Pineda, CEO of Fintual, and Nathan Lustig, Managing Partner of Magma Partners.

Said founder Nico Orellana:

“Webprendedor marks a before and after in our local ecosystem. Although we cannot take credit for the success of others, Webprendedor created a favorable environment of collaboration that helped all of us succeed.

Today, entrepreneurs who were just starting out during the first Webprendedor have now raised tens of millions of dollars in capital and have expanded globally, so we are now coming together again so we can see the same results repeated. Webprendedor created fantastic collaboration and we want that to keep happening for the next 10 years.”

See more about Webprendedor:

Nico Orellana’s introduction video

Webprendedor 2018 event page – tickets available now!

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