Xertica announces expansion to Brazil


Cloud-based cybersecurity and data protection startup, Xertica announced its expansion plans in Brazil. With a revenue target of $80 million by the end of 2023, the company aims to solidify its presence in Brazil’s public sector by targeting companies in the public and legal sectors.

Xertica’s comprehensive solutions encompass cybersecurity, data protection, cloud infrastructure, and artificial intelligence tailored for the justice system. The startup also intends to tap into cities with a population exceeding 300,000 habitants.

One of Xertica’s key objectives is to bridge the gap in cloud service coverage, particularly in Brazil’s central-west, south, and northeast regions, where cloud projects are growing significantly.

“We estimate that in three years Brazil will represent 50% of the company’s total revenue,” said Xertica’s Country Manager for Brazil, Alfredo Deak.

Achieving a $62M revenue last year, Xertica currently operates in Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, and Argentina.

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