$1.5M pre-seed investment to Loud Voice Services

LatAm ListLoud Voice Services just received an investment of $1.5M in a pre-seed round led by undisclosed contributors. Founded by Leonardo Leão, Elio Capelati and Felipe Almeida, the technology combines several different virtual assistant solutions to create a humanized experience for its clients. 

According to Leão, “We were able to generate a unique, humanized experience using the best services from the leading players in the market. With our product it is possible, in a single experience, to plug in a Google STT, Amazon TTS, and the IBM Watson Knowledge Base, for example, and this makes the whole experience be thought for the best performance that adjusts to the needs of each client,” as stated to Baguete

As part of Oracle’s Global Scale Up program, Loud Voice has developed over 10 projects.

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