Startup Launches provides free legal documents, even in Haitian creole

While he was studying to become a lawyer, Santiago Orpis realized that few people truly know their rights because they didn’t have access to legal documents. Although many firms try to provide low-cost legal services, Orpis felt that too many people were excluded from justice.

To solve this issue, Orpis began to create an online portal called, which provides access to free legal documents, including rental contracts, domestic labor contracts, vehicle sale contracts, and even work contracts in Spanish and Haitian Creole. Chile is experiencing high levels of Haitian immigration, and Orpis is insistent that immigrants should know their rights, too.

Currently, people can enter the page, answer a few questions, and download the document they need. Having been launched just over a month ago, the site has made rapid progress. Orpis hopes to monetize the site by selling ads, but also by providing low-cost legal advice to users.

In the future, he is looking to improve the number of contracts offered by the site and incorporate an instant translation of the documents to include more Haitians. He will also be launching a YouTube channel to explain legal concepts and help people understand their rights.

Read the original article in El Mercurio.

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