Angel Ventures invests US$1.3M in Mexican proptech Homie

LatAm List – In a story brought to our attention by LAVCA, Mexican rental platform Homie has raised a US$1.3M Series A fund led by Angel Ventures, with support from Narval Capital and Plug and Play San Francisco. The platform works to make the rental process in Mexico more agile and less complex.

Homie was founded in 2015 by Jordi Greenham and has been able to stand out in a very competitive by offering rapid payment options, legal protection, and options to rent without a guarantor. Currently, there are over five million properties being rented across Mexico. Homie administers 750 apartments, with plans to manage over 1000 by the end of the year.

Said founder Jordi Greenham in the original press release:

“The rental market in most parts of the world is a very fragmented market (a landlord owns a single apartment and one single client rents that property for a given time), which is characteristic of a market that can benefit from new technology. Our goal is to eliminate the frictions that make this industry so awkward and inefficient and we have managed to speed by the process of renting an apartment about eighteen-fold since we started.”

Read more in the original press release on LAVCA.

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