DGF Investimentos invests $3.5M in Sólides

LatAm ListSólides, a Brazilian HR behavioral management SaaS, recently raised $3.5M from DGF Investimentos, a Brazilian venture capital firm that invests in tech and SaaS startups. 

The Brazilian startup specializes in software that codifies human behavior and is used in the hiring process, management, and development of people. The solution Sólides provides is an automated, fast, and precise software for behavioral profile mapping which aims to increase productivity and reduce the costs of turnover for companies. 

“This contribution comes at a very strategic time for Sólides. With the investment, we will launch new products and continue our ambitious expansion plan. Our goal is to continue to achieve average growth above 10% per month. Today we have 150 employees and the forecast is to double our team,” said Monica Hauck, founder of Sólides.

One of the technologies Sólides is currently developing is the Ana Robot which analyzes the platform’s database to raise standards, and is expected to be able to also prescribe actions to improve the performance of management and people within companies by the end of the year according to Hauck.

DGF Investimentos’ Managing Partner Patrick Arippol, explains that there is a demand for this service in both large and small and medium enterprises:

“DGF Investimentos strongly believes that using people analytics for people management is not just for large companies. The small and medium business market will increasingly adopt solutions that contain data intelligence to improve decision making.”

Sólides currently serves more than 3K customers and has 150 employees. 

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