5 Chilean startups that are scaling outside of Latin America

El Mercurio recently reported on five Chilean startups that are making waves globally. Get to know the five startups that are using disruptive technologies to enact social change, and beginning to scale these enterprises abroad.

Yerka, the “theft-proof” bicycle:  Yerka closed out 2017 with over US$250M in sales and with the prospect of beginning to sell in Norway, Germany, and Spain. They used 2017 to test the product in Chile and will now be exporting it to the world, all while making constant improvements to the bike design.

Levita Magnetics: This startup uses magnets to perform minimally invasive surgery on internal organs and is already operating at Duke University in the United States. Last year, they were nominated by Fast Company as one of the world’s most innovative startups. Levita Magnetics is now considering deploying their technology in Chile.

NotCo: This sustainable food company produces a vegan mayonnaise that has already produced US$500M in sales since its launch. After being accelerated by Indiebio in Silicon Valley, NotCo recently raised a US$3M Series A round led by MercadoLibre.

Bureo: Bureo makes skateboards and other products out of recycled fish nets. They have recently pivoted, focusing on how larger scale businesses can use recycled fishing line in their products as well.

Lab4U: The Chilean application that democratizes scientific experiments in the classroom has now expanded services to Mexico and is introducing a new chemistry app. They were recently recognized as the App of the Day and surpassed Duolingo as the top educational app in Chile. We also reported on Lab4U’s seed round from early January.

These are just a few of the Chilean startups making an impact on a global scale.


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