99 dedicates $770K to support essential workers during COVID-19

LatAm List99, a mobility startup, announced an initiative to help support essential workers on the frontline during the COVID-19 outbreak in Brazil.

The startup will channel $770K (R$4M) to regional governments in Brazil to support employees who work in essential services as well as any other group defined by the government during the pandemic. Sao Paulo will be the first city to receive the benefit of the initiative, with 60,000 trip passes sent to the regional Health Secretary to be distributed to workers.

Regional governments will define the rules of using the coupons which allow 99 drivers to continue working as long as their jobs are not putting their health at risk. The company is in contact with the local authorities to determine the next steps in the fight against COVID-19 and to continue to support employees.

99, like many other driver-reliant apps, is also adopting other methods to supports its employees. The company set up a $10M  donation fund to allow drivers who are currently unable to work due to the illness to receive wages. The restaurants associated with 99 continue to receive weekly payments to help them maintain their businesses.

Advice on personal hygiene is also sent to drivers and customers alike through the mobile app to encourage continued vigilance against the spread of the virus.

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