99Food launches in Curitiba, its fifth Brazilian city

LatAm List 99Food, a food delivery platform, launched operations in Curitiba as part of the company’s expansion across Brazil.

99Food is part of the mobility startup 99, which was acquired by the Chinese company Didi. 99 has steadily been expanding its services and operations across Latin America to compete with the American giant Uber.

Between Brazil and China, the Latin American country has the most employees for 99, and Curitiba will be the fifth Brazilian city in which 99Food is active. Clients are able to order food on the same app where they can request a ride, similar to Uber.

Latin America, and especially Brazil, is recognized as a promising market for food delivery and transport startups.

“In Brazil, the market generates around R$20M (US$3.8M) per month,” explained Danilo Mansano, Director General of 99Food.

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