Accel-KKR acquires I-Med, Chile’s largest health data company

I-Med has led the Chilean healthcare system to be the most efficient in Latin America, and 8th best in the world. I-Med uses fingerprints to facilitate over 600 million yearly transactions and manage healthcare processes for the entire country.

In a recent article by LAVCA,  I-Med announced that it had been acquired by Accel-KKR, a technology-focused investment firm that manages mid-market software companies in emerging economies. The buy-out was led by I-Med founder Hector Gomez, who will continue to lead the senior management team.

From the original LAVCA press release:

“The I-Med team has worked very hard to make healthcare more efficient and accessible in Chile,” said Jason Klein, Managing Director at Accel-KKR.

“We are excited about partnering with I-Med to support the team as they strengthen their solutions and accelerate their vision of improving healthcare for all Chileans.”

I-Med is the “largest connected health network in Spanish-speaking Latin America” and will continue to leverage its experience serving 18 million Chileans to improve healthcare in Chile and Latin America.

More news about the I-Med acquisition:

La Segunda Reporting

El Dínamo Reporting

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