Easy Carros acquires XMultas to add fine management to its platform

Easy Carros, a Brazilian fleet management startup, recently acquired XMultas, a traffic fine management system, for US$3M (R$10M). XMultas uses technology and AI solutions to challenge the bureaucracy of traffic fines and help people handle tickets.

To date, over 25,000 drivers have used XMultas to fight almost US$2.5M worth of potentially incorrect fines. In the first nine months of 2017 alone, XMultas grew its user base by 12.5% as compared with 2016, and Easy Carros took notice.

Easy Carros provides eco-friendly corrective management services such as washing, oil and battery changes, and systems reports for individuals and fleet management companies to help them save up to 40% of preventive management costs. Easy Carros will now offer fine management as a part of its digital services packages.


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