AI startup Senzai raises $2M Pre-seed funding round

Julian Senzai Founder

AI startup Senzai raises $2M Pre-seed funding round led by ALLVP to prepare its official launch by the end of 2023.

Senzai provides businesses with an AI platform to enhance their sales and marketing campaigns. The platform comprises three key phases: experimentation, impact measurement, and optimization, which aim to generate successful campaigns and guarantee a return on investment (ROI) of at least 6x.

Julian Lopez-Portillo and Darren Timmins founded Senzailast year when they saw companies of all sizes struggle implementing AI in their processes.

“I thought there was a huge opportunity to bring some of these learnings of how AI could be implemented into companies in Latin America because they are still focusing on building tools rather than solving problems,” said Senzai’s co-founder Julian Lopez-Portillo.

ALLVP’s Managing Partner Jimena Pardo also commented on the funding: “The new breed of LLMs (large language models) is clearly enormously powerful and is already spawning a new wave of AI tools… This is where Senzai stands out, by focusing on the outcomes, not the tools, they are perfectly placed to leverage all this innovation to deliver actual value.”

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