Amazon to make largest investment in Latin America in northern Argentina

LatAm List – The installation of the first Amazon Web Services (AWS) data center in Latin America is a project that is capturing a lot of attention. Argentina’s northern province, Jujuy, took the lead as the most promising location for the multi-million dollar business. 

Despite Jujuy being one of the most neglected areas of Argentina, Jeff Bezos is considering making the largest investment of the region in the northern province. This decision is largely due to Jujuy’s geographical benefits:

“In the city of La Quiaca we have a free zone of 90 hectares that will soon be inaugurated, moderate thermal amplitude and a temperature that is not very high, it is also an anti-seismic zone, we are far from the sea, and we have renewable energy,” said Carlos Alfonso, the Secretary of Modernization in Jujuy, in a statement made to iProUP

The project includes $1B for the construction of the data center and hundreds of jobs driven by digital transformation. 

Read more on iProUp.

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