Colombian impact investment firm Amplo acquires Velum Ventures


Amplo, a fund management company in Colombia focused on impact investment projects, acquired 100% of the shares of Velum Ventures, a VC fund based in Medellin, with which it expects to mobilize resources of more than $38 million.

With this acquisition, Amplo positions itself as one of the leaders in high-impact investments in Latin America. The investment firm plans to expand its reach through investments with high impact on their environment thanks to the use of digital technologies.

With Velum’s acquisition, they added to their portfolio startups like Hogaru, Merqueo and Fluvip, among others, a fund focused on early stage investments, led by investors such as the IDB, Bancoldex, Ruta N and Sura.

Since 2018, Amplo has mobilized capital initiatives in activities such as responsible agribusiness, healthy food, sustainable tourism and women’s empowerment, among others. 

“In the case of an impact fund, the responsibility is not only to the investor, but also to its environment and ecosystem, with the duty to generate inclusive and sustainable development. With this transaction, we will be able to mobilize resources of more than $38 million and expect to reach $100 million by 2025”

David Sanchez, CEO and founder of Amplo.

According to David Sanchez, CEO and founder of Amplo, the fund plans to mobilize more than $100 million in the next three years towards inclusive and sustainable development gaps in a profitable way, not only in Colombia – but throughout Latin America.

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