Andes Raises $15M in Series A Extension

Andes Logo

Biotech startup Andes raised an additional $15M in its Series A, bringing its total series A funds to $30M. To date, Andes has received $38M in funding from 13 investors, with the most recent ones being Accelr8 and Voyager Ventures.

Andes aims to capture carbon dioxide and convert it into minerals in the soil by leveraging the interaction between microorganisms and plants, focusing on offering sustainable solutions for agriculture and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The investment will help Andes expand its carbon removal credits to organizations of any size, increase partnerships with farmers, and further develop its innovative microorganism technology.

Andes was founded in 2016 by Chileans Gonzalo Fuenzalida and Tania Timmerman, and is based in the US. Last year, Andes collaborated with farmers to introduce its technology across 25,000 acres. 

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