Angel Ventures and Amplifica Capital partner to support women in Venture Capital

LatamListAngel Ventures and Amplifica Capital partner to support gender equality in the economy and the venture capital industry.

Less than 9% of the senior positions in the venture capital industry are occupied by women in Mexico. The new initiative launched by the two funds aims to promote and support the role of female entrepreneurs in this market. 

“Investing from a gender perspective, so that there is a greater input of capital for female-led startups and female-focused initiatives, is something that will benefit all of society, as well as promote economic growth,” said Anna Raptis, founder of Amplifica Capital.

Amplifica Capital is a VC fund dedicated to supporting female investors and entrepreneurs in the Latin American ecosystem. The company focuses on early-stage startups with social, environmental, and financial impact.

The initiative is dedicated to promoting gender inclusion and equality in Latin America. 

“In recent years we have launched many initiatives to support and promote women in the VC industry, but there is still a long way to go. This new initiative is a great achievement, not only for Angel Ventures and Amplifica Capital but for the entire ecosystem,” said Susana Espinosa de los Reyes, co-founder of Angel Ventures.

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