Antonia Rojas Eing joins ALLVP as the youngest female VC partner in Latin America

LatAm List – At 29 years old, Antonia Rojas Eing has become the youngest female VC partner in Latin America by joining Mexico’s leading venture capital firm ALLVP

ALLVP manages more than $200M in assets across three portfolios and has invested in 53 companies including Cornershop (recently acquired by Uber), Colombian cloud kitchen MUY, and Mexico’s Flat.

Rojas Eing, half Chilean and half German, first experienced the investment world through real estate in Germany. 

“I learned the discipline and analysis needed to make an investment decision, and how to see the world from an international perspective,” said Rojas Eing in an interview with TechCrunch.

The young partner has experienced the challenges of raising early-stage capital in Chile. She also co-founded an edtech startup and has a Master’s degree in Social Entrepreneurship. On her return to Chile, she invested in seed-stage startups with Manutara Ventures.

After months of mentorship with ALLVP, she is joining the fund as their third partner, focusing on enterprise SaaS in Colombia, Mexico, and Chile.

“Women entrepreneurs and investors represent the largest untapped pool of talent in the world. Working in a relatively young ecosystem such as Latin America provides us with the unique opportunity of creating a more inclusive entrepreneurial and VC community from the start,” said Federico Antoni, ALLVP Partner.  

According to Antoni, female founders have made up 33% of ALLVP’s first fund and 20% of the companies in their second portfolio were co-founded or founded by a woman. ALLVP is working towards bringing more female entrepreneurs into their pipeline and hopes that Rojas Eing’s incorporation will help the fund be a better partner to women.

“Having her on board is not a box we checked but part of a process that will ultimately lead us to a more balanced team, portfolio, and better returns,” said Antoni.

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