Anyone AI secures $1.5 million pre-seed round to train Latin American talent in Artificial Intelligence


Edtech Anyone AI, the first startup 100% focused on training developers in Machine Learning for the Latam region, closed a $1.5 million pre-seed round led by Global Founders Capital. Other VC funds that followed are Canvas Ventures (through Paul Hsiao, one of the first investors in the education platform Coursera), Latitud Fund, Magma Partners, Lotux VC, and H20 through founders Julian Torres (OnTop), Nicolas Villegas and Juan Carlos Narvaez (SoyTul).

“At Anyone AI, we invest in the Latin American people to prepare them for the jobs of the future by solving the talent shortage in the field of artificial intelligence. We are happy to announce our pre-seed investment round led by Global Founders Capital, who has previously invested in global companies such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Slack.”, Agustin Caverzasi – Co-founder & CEO of Anyone AI.

Some of the angel investors who participated in the round include Ryan Bubinsky (co-founder and CTO of Codecademy), Thomas Neubert (General Manager AI Acceleration at Intel), Daniel Silva (Staff ML Engineer at Google X), Rohan Ramanath (Staff ML Engineer at LinkedIn), Kenji Narushima (CSO at Carro), and Miguel Burger Calderon (co-founder of Ethyca). Also, Joseph Spisak (AI Product Lead at Meta) and Alejandro Koretzky (Head of AI at Splice) joined as advisors.

“At Latitud, we see on a daily basis that the shortage of talent is one of the main problems that startups struggle with when it comes to growth; and even more so in the field of Artificial Intelligence. We strongly believe in the talent of Latin America, and in the capacity of the Anyone AI team to solve this problem”. Tomas Roggio, Partner Latitud Fund.

Anyone AI is focused on training the talent that companies are looking for, and giving them the tools they need to get jobs as machine learning developers. The learning and training experience is 100% online and remote, so people from all countries in the region can apply at no upfront cost. Once the person enters the job market, he or she shares 7.5% of his/her salary during the first two years with Anyone AI.

Since its announcement and launch in January of this year, Anyone AI has received more than 1,000 monthly applications to its program, with candidates from all over Latin America (Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile, among others).

Artificial intelligence is gaining more and more ground in companies’ business development. Projections indicate that by 2026 this industry will demand more than 97 million jobs worldwide, and about 11 million in the United States alone. In this context, Anyone AI will invest in the training of 100,000 people over the next 10 years. The startup is democratizing machine learning training in the region and supplying the missing talent that companies need in this area.

“Due to the strong adoption of artificial intelligence by global companies in recent years, the demand for developers is increasing. Thus, the shortage of talent becomes the main barrier to adopting this type of technology. We are confident in the experience and capabilities of the entire Anyone AI team to address this problem and bridge the talent gap globally”. – Lorenzo Franzi, Global Partner Founders Capital.

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