Mexican Buy Now Pay Later Aplazo buys data platform Sensai Metrics


Aplazo, a buy-now-pay-later fintech solution for small merchants and their consumers, bought data platform Sensai Metrics for an undisclosed amount to improve its merchant network and help brands manage marketing to customers.

Aplazo has integrated the Sensai software platform that analyzes data using different data science algorithms and machine learning to help brands gain access to valuable customer insights. The deal closed in the second quarter, according to Aplazo cofounder and CEO Angel Peña. Sensai uses machine-learning to create revenue predictions on sales and provides recommendations on where stores can put marketing budgets. It also helps merchants figure out how to target customers better.

Sensai cofounders Salo Dabbah and Daniela Gorra will join Aplazo as the company’s head of growth and product manager, respectively.

“The acquisition of Sensai underscores our complementary missions of helping merchants connect with consumers in a more purposeful way,” said Angel Peña, Co-Founder and CEO of Aplazo. “Together, we’ll be able to scale our offerings and bring even greater value by empowering merchants with the tools that will propel their businesses to new heights.”

The acquisition presents a significant market opportunity that will enable Aplazo to accelerate merchant growth and provide greater access to e-commerce products for consumers in Mexico. The combined company’s capabilities will ensure both consumers and merchants benefit from developments in infrastructure.

Aplazo, which last raised a $27 million Series A in 2021, lets users in Mexico pay for purchases in installments and split these transactions between online and offline payments, where they can then pay in person. The company does not require a credit card for its customers.

Founded in 2020 by Angel Peña and Alex Wieland, Aplazo has around 2,500 active merchants with 5,000 points of sale on its platform. Sensei had 300 merchant customers before the acquisition, who will be grandfathered into the combined Aplazo-Sensai system.

Investors in Aplazo include Oak HC/FT, Kazsek, Picus Capital Bridge Latam, and Audeo Ventures.

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