Apple invests in Mexican tech education

Only schools that have committed to teaching continuous innovation through culture, teamwork, skill-building, financial literacy, and community-building are eligible to become an Apple Distinguished School. One school in Mexico, Colegio Eugenio D’Mazenod, has done just that since 2014.

Apple recently renewed Colegio D’Mazenod’s status as an Apple Distinguished School due to their efforts to integrate technology into the classroom and use it to help students reach their potential. However, Mexico’s overall results in PISA educational testing, which tests science, math, problem solving, and financial literacy among 15-year olds, have been poor.

Though the Mexican government has spent over MXN$47,500M (US$2.5M) on improving education in the past four years, the return on investment has yet to show. Currently, over 70% of elementary schools have no access to educational technology or digital materials that can teach children to compete in a 21st-century job market.

Said Colegio D’Mazenod Director Alejandra Ruíz in the original PulsoSocial article:

“Technological education, combined with humanities courses, can strengthen the holistic growth of each of our students; if we also add a plan that focuses on planning, practicing, and improving creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking, we will create qualified students that know how to coexist in the real world and in the digital realm.”

Apple Distinguished Schools is an invitation-only program that provides support for schools that are already integrating Apple technologies into their curriculum.

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