Jumbo follows Amazon Go; launches self-service checkout app

Chile’s giant retail chain, Cencosud, is piloting a cashier-less checkout system similar to Amazon Go. Instead of using artificial intelligence and recognizing customers as they enter, Cencosud’s new program requires users to download an app called Scan&Go and scan products themselves as they shop. To pay, users must scan a QR code at a specialized kiosk in the store before exiting.

For now, all items are accepted on the platform, with a limit of twenty items per purchase.  Cencosud is currently developing a system to make payments faster and easier, since the application only allows credit cards, which are not widely used in Chile.

The program is only available in one Jumbo location, in Alto Las Condes, during its pilot, but Cencosud plans to expand access as the app develops.

Cencosud’s Marketing Manager, Rodrigo Sahr, commented in the original article in Diario Financiero:

“We understand that self-service purchasing is a service that the user is adopting very organically and they are asking us for more agile checkout services. This development is our response, it is consumer-focused innovation.”

For more information, read the original article in Diario Financiero.

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