Arcus to expand Cash-to-Digital solution network with 65,000 retailers

LatamListArcus, the fintech as a service platform, is to expand its Cash-to-Digital solutions network across Mexico with 65,000 participating retailers. Thus Arcus now provides the largest network of cash-in locations in the country.

Arcus is a financial services startup working to serve the under-banked populations of Mexico. The startup helps businesses launch fintech business for their customers, providing key services to help customers make the move to digital banking.

Through the online platform and cash-in points, customers are able to load their ‘digital wallet’ to pay bills, make e-commerce payments, and more. The startup is now expanding its Cash-to-Digital solutions network by joining with 65,000 participating retailers to offer pay-in points for customers.

“We are on a mission to make fintech possible for anyone, anywhere. More than 70 percent of Latin America is underbanked and we want to help change that. With our enhanced and expanded network, our Cash-to-Digital technology platform can help more people digitize their cash and directly benefit from fintech,” said Inigo Rumayor, CRO and co-founder of Arcus.

Among the participating retailers are 7-Eleven, Red Qiubo, Yastas, x24, FarmaCon, and Casa Ley. Arcus already works with BBVA, Santander, Walmart, and Rappi.

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