Argentine Belo partners with international transactions platform Airtm


Belo, the Argentina-based fintech, announced a partnership with Airtm that will allow Belo users to deposit and withdraw funds to and from anywhere in the world.

Belo is a digital wallet that enables trading between Argentine pesos and cryptocurrencies. Airtm is a platform with which users can save, spend and receive digital dollars, and it also allows simultaneous transactions in 190 countries. 

Argentina’s high inflation rate, currency devaluation, and government regulations impose barriers for Argentines to purchase and exchange dollars. The relevance of this partnership lies in Airtm’s technology, as it converts almost any incoming money into digital dollars. Through this partnership, Belo becomes one of Airtm’s payment methods.

Now, users can send Argentine pesos or stable cryptocurrencies as DAI through the Belo wallet and receive them in their AIrTM account. Pesos or cryptocurrencies sent through this channel are automatically converted into AirUSD.

According to Manuel Beaudroit, CEO of Belo:

“With this partnership, our goal is to continue contributing to the democratization of financial services and that transactions become increasingly simple and accessible.”

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