Argentines can now top up SUBE cards via Ualá

LatAm List – In a Tweet yesterday, Argentina’s neobank, Ualá announced that Argentines could now top up their metro cards (SUBE) directly through the startup’s app. Ualá’s founder, Pierpaolo Barbieri, dared Twitter users to guess the number of top-ups registered by the app in its first day.

The correct answer? Over 145,000 payments. Ualá provides free, mobile Global Mastercards to customers in Argentina, allowing people to purchase across borders and access a card with no fees, a rare feat in the cash-strapped country.

This update allows customers to transfer money directly onto their SUBE card through the Ualá app for free, meaning no more waiting at local kiosks only to hear that they don’t do top-ups.

Just a few months ago, Argentina debuted mobile top-ups for SUBE cards, so Ualá is the latest in the country’s efforts to improve public transportation.


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