Argentinian fintech Wibond extends seed round and reaches $6M in funding


The Argentinian fintech Wibond announced it extended its seed round, which closed at $6M. Some of the funds that participated are Y Combinator, Trousdale, Soma Capital, Fintech Capital, Cathexis Ventures, Eureka Capital, and more. 

Also, some of Wibond’s angel investors are Marc Randolph, co-founder of Netflix; James Park, CEO of Fitbit; Randy Reddig, Founder and former CTO of Square; Alanna Gregory, CMO of Afterpay, and others. Ezequiel Bucai, its CEO, referred to the funding round:

“We had raised US$2.25M in our seed round and, after completing the YC program and a series of company milestones, we attracted the attention of new funds and investors who proudly completed our US$6M round.” 

Wibond is a fintech that uses a Buy Now, Pay Later model to offer customers installment payments without needing a credit card. Clients can buy in Wibond’s 300 adhered stores and choose a payment plan that fits their needs. In turn, the fintech’s merchants can boost their sales by providing a new payment method and accessing new customers. 

Currently, the company’s headquarters and main operations are located in Argentina. However, they are planning to expand to other countries in the region such as Chile and Mexico. Its CEO also shared another of the company’s goals:

“We plan to deepen and scale everything we have conquered so far in order to reach the Series A.” 

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