Atria secures $3M to offer pre-owned car credit lines to Mexicans


Addem Capital, a Mexico City fund focused on Latin America, granted $3.1 million to Atria ($60 million Mexican pesos), a start-up that offers loans for the purchase of pre-owned cars in the country. This is the second investment that the company has received and it has an option to extend up to $15 million in the following months.

Atria was born in 2022 as a disruptive startup that is revolutionizing the pre-owned market by offering simple, transparent and agile loans. Its offer represents new possibilities for dealers specializing in pre-owned cars, which could significantly strengthen their business by offering new payment options. Atria’s proposal is backed by a team that has in-depth knowledge of the sector and expertise in loans, risk management, analysis and technology.

Addem Capital found this model ideal to trigger growth for the sector and, at the same time, a way to bring Mexicans closer to the possibility of acquiring automobiles. This ultimately represents the opportunity to access greater autonomy and new opportunities.

“We are excited to work with Addem and are very grateful for their confidence in our team, our expertise and our business model. Addem’s investment in Atria is crucial to achieving our goal of maximizing access to car ownership in Mexico and improving the quality of life and business for our customers and business partners,” said Luis Berrondo, co-founder and CEO of Atria.

Addem Capital has maintained that financing is a vehicle capable of transforming the entrepreneurial landscape in Latin America. Early-stage financing – as in the case of Atria – can radically influence the likelihood of business success and accelerate the natural evolution of markets. Funds that trust and support startups from the beginning can be a crucial boost for Latin America.

Atria has a platform that offers new possibilities for sellers specializing in pre-owned cars.

The company’s goal is to maximize access to owning a car in Mexico and improve the quality of life and business of customers and business partners.

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