Aurus leads US$1.4M investment in Chilean real estate startup, Capitalizarme

In a story originally reported by El Mercurio, the real estate rental platform Capitalizarme received a US$1.4M investment to continue developing their technology. The platform allows people to purchase apartments to later rent them out for income, helping with the sale process and tracking renters’ behavior.

The investment was led by Aurus, with support from three other Chilean angel investors, as well as a Chilean investor living in Silicon Valley. Most of these investors have been tech entrepreneurs in Chile or have a connection to the real estate business.

The investment will help Capitalizarme improve their technology to help the business grow in Chile and in Denver, where the company recently opened an office. Since it was founded in 2013, Capitalizarme has become one of the biggest apartment brokers in Chile, selling over 1000 units in 2017. In their five years in business, Capitalizarme has handled over US$350M in transactions.

Read more in the original story for El Mercurio.

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