Axon Partners Group invests in Mexico’s Billpocket

LatAm ListBillpocket is Mexico’s answer to Square, a mobile payments system that allows any vendor to easily accept and manage card payments. Founded in 2011 by Alejandro Guízar, Billpocket has historically experienced triple-digit year-on-year growth within the Mexican market.

The fintech startup recently closed a further funding round to accelerate its already strong growth. While the round was supported by several strategic actors and investors from the region, Billpocket recently announced the participation of Axon Partners Group, through its Amerigo Ventures Pacífico Fund, in their recent raise.

From Axon Partners Group’s press release:

“We are thrilled to partner with Billpocket’s team. They have shown excellence in execution with amazing efficiency when using the resources they had. Grouping their skills with the market potential not only in payments but in the wide array of financial services that Billpocket offers and will offer, we are certain that the outcome will be outstanding,” said the investor’s President, Francisco Velázquez de Cuellar.

Billpocket wants to become the ‘go to’ company for SME financial needs. It will compete against strong incumbents in mobile PoS devices like Clip, that recently received investment from Softbank.

Read more in the press release from Axon Partners Group.

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