Bancard enables Amazon Prime Video subscriptions in local currency for Paraguay

LatamListBancard, a Paraguayan fintech, announced that clients will now be able to access Amazon Prime Video with local currency. In conjunction with dLocal, Bancard customers can use Guaraníes to pay for their Prime Video membership.

Bancard is a payments service provider that manages online payments for businesses, professionals, public and private institutions, and more. The platform includes PCI Data Security to ensure data protection and minimize fraud risk for its customers.

Amazon Prime Video facilitates payments with local currency cards through dLocal, a global cross-border payments platform. dLocal has expanded its remit to include Bancard in Paraguay, thus enabling customers to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video and pay for their membership in local currency with no currency fluctuations. 

“Our goal is to further enhance the experience of Amazon Prime Video customers by offering payments with cards in local currency focused on the consumer and their payment preference, thus growing our presence in Paraguay, and other countries in the future,” said Michel Golffed, VP of Growth at dLocal.

Bancard checks all fintech companies before connecting to their services, ensuring the highest security standards and a secure and traceable payment gateway.

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