Bancolombia pours $3M into Trii, a Colombian stock trading app 

The Colombian startup Trii received a $3M investment from Bancolombia. With this new capital injection, Trii is approaching $10M in capital raised from investors since its inception in 2020.

Trii is a mobile application that allows users to buy and sell shares in the Colombian, Peruvian and Chilean stock exchanges through their cell phones. Users can also access investments in dollars and investment funds through Trii’s app.

Trii’s proposal is that it charges lower commissions than what stockbrokers typically charge. The startup’s mission is to democratize access to the stock market in a friendly, easy to understand, accessible, and inexpensive way.

According to Cipriano López, VP of Innovation and Sustainability at Bancolombia:

“We found that Trii complements our market offering, the user is different from what we have in our digital assets (…) We believe a lot in the fintech ecosystem, we feel that fintechs are a lever that generates value for Bancolombia, which allows us to reach the market in a faster way.”

According to Trii’s cofounder Esteban Peñaloza, despite market conditions, the company managed to triple its user base during 2022. The startup already has 150,000 users in Colombia, Peru, and Chile, and has processed close to 500,000 transactions since its launch in March 2020. 

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