Base Operations raises $1M from US and Latin American investors

LatAm ListBase Operations is a security and risk management platform that provides just-in-time information to its users in markets with high crime rates but poor access to crime data. The Washington-based company recently raised $1M from Glasswing Ventures, Spiro Ventures, Magma Partners, and Good Growth Capital.

Base Operations helps companies monitor their employees’ locations when venturing into markets with high crime rates. With their app, corporate teams can receive geo-tagged alerts on potential risks based on their employees’ location. 

“This is a compliance situation for companies… They have to do it,” said Cory Siskind, Base Operations founder. “We work with a company’s chief security officers and travel security. If you send people off into an emerging market with a risk .PDF… It’s not dynamic information and it just sits in a report and nobody reads it.”

This recent round of funding will be used to expand the company’s sales and marketing efforts and continue its research and development. 

Base Operations graduated from Techstars Impact Accelerator in 2018 and provides its services to 15 cities including Mexico City, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Bogota, Santiago, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and San Jose, Costa Rica.

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