Belo introduces ACH dollar transfers into its digital wallets

Belo logo

Belo, an Argentinian fintech offering digital wallets to global freelancers and remote workers, announced a new feature that enables users to receive ACH transfers directly into their wallets.

Belo’s solution makes it easier for Latin American-based workers earning income from the US, to get paid and manage their finances. Belo’s new feature offers a direct payment method with a 2% fee and an APY of 3% on USDC balances, helping users retain more of the money they earned. 

“Latin American freelancers now have a one-stop solution to receive payments from the U.S. in the simplest way. We are committed to providing the most time and cost-efficient solution to this growing segment of the economy, which holds the potential to transform the socio-economic fabric of the region,” said Manuel Beaudroit, Co-founder and CEO of Belo

Belo connects Latin American freelancers to the global economy through a digital wallet that supports currency exchange, purchases, and local withdrawals. Operating in 17 countries, Belo aims to make international transactions more accessible and efficient.

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