Bolivian real estate platform, UltraCasas, raises US$440K

LatAm List – When Carlos Jordan returned to Bolivia, he struggled to find an apartment. There was no online platform that shared all the available properties like those available in Chile or the US. Carlos decided he would build it.

Founded in 2015, UltraCasas is one of few tech startups that is building the Bolivian entrepreneurial ecosystem. According to LAVCA, UltraCasas recently closed a US$440K round led by Orbis Ventures, with participation from Seedstars and Taris. This funding round is the largest international investment to be received by a Bolivian startup.

UltraCasas helps Bolivians search for properties to purchase and rent across Bolivia’s largest cities.

Read more about the investment on LAVCA or listen to Carlos Jordan’s story on Nathan Lustig’s podcast.


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