Botanical Solutions closes $13M Series A round

Chilean biotech startup Botanical Solutions concluded its Series A funding round with an additional investment of $7M. 

Key participants in this funding round led by Otter Capital include Boldo SpA and Quebec LP, alongside family offices Casanueva and Saval.

The capital will further support Botanical Solutions’ efforts within the agricultural and pharmaceutical industries. Among their notable achievements is the creation of a product known as Quillibrium and the compound named QS-21, a compound used in vaccine adjuvants to enhance vaccine efficacy.

This new investment will allow us to develop a robust and sustainable supply chain for the QS-21 vaccine adjuvant. It also propels our expansion plan for the agriculture sector, including the launch of our flagship product, Quillibrium®, in Mexico, Brazil, the United States, and the European Union, said Gastón Salinas, Botanical Solutions’ CEO.

Botanical Solutions’ achievements have been recognized with awards such as “Best Process Innovation 2023” from ICIS Chemical Business, “Biotech Startup of the Year 2022” by BioProtection Forum, and “Product of the Year 2022” by Crop Science from S&P.

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