Brazilian femtech Feel secures round with all female investors

Image: Forbes

Brazilian femtech Feel has secured an all-female pool of angel investors to a pre-seed round worth just over $190,000. Feel’s latest bridge round is expected to close in early 2023, led by Sororitê – Brazil’s largest female angel investment network with a pool of 80 investors. 

Feel’s business proposition is aimed at providing sexual wellness products, information and digital services to adult women of all ages. The fresh funds will go towards launching new products and investing in the development of a digital platform with content aimed at teaching women how to use the product range, thus enhancing the customer experience.

“Investors tend to analyze the entrepreneur and their thesis. In this case, what Feel brings is an immediate connection to a pain that is very much connected to women’s everyday lives and that is not fully understood by male investors. It was a pitch [female backers] could relate to, and made total business sense”.

Erica Fridman Stul, co-founder and investor at Sororitê.

The femtech launched amid the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 led by Marina Ratton and recently joined forces with Lilit, another Brazilian femtech led by Marilia Ponte. Both startups now coexist under Feel’s corporate entity.

Feel’s first angel round raised in 2021 totaled $102,000 (BRL 550,000), whereby 84% of the funding came from female investors. However, in this new round the number goes up to 90%, making Feel the startup with the largest amount of female investors in Brazil.

You may read the complete interview in Forbes.

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