Brazilian fintech Nubank introduces Nucoin, its own digital currency

Nubank has introduced its digital currency, Nucoin. This is part of Nubank’s strategy to democratize technologies such as blockchain and Web3.

Nubank’s digital currency is in development, and customers will actively participate in its creation. About 2,000 members of NuCommunity, Nubank’s official community for customers, will be selected to participate in this initiative. Nucoin’s creation will be decentralized, as these NuCommunity members will participate in it through a debate where they’ll exchange feedback and ideas.

Nucoin will be the starting point for the creation of a rewards program. Customers who accumulate Nucoins will have benefits such as discounts and other perks. It is estimated that starting in 2023, all Nubank customers will receive Nucoin at no cost. The company also aims to trade Nucoin on the cryptocurrency market in the future.

Nucoin is a token that will grant benefits to customers who have this asset in their wallet. However, it can also be considered a cryptocurrency since each Nucoin has the same value, is not consumed, and has no expiration date.

To develop Nucoin, Nubank will use Polygon Supernets technology, the blockchain network provided by Polygon for this strategic partnership.

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