Brazilian healthtech Biologix lands a $1.2M round

Brazilian healthtech Biologix raised a $1.2M round led by Kortex Ventures. Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein also participated in the round.

Biologix will invest the funds in further developing its technology, fueling its expansion, and doubling the size of its 20-people team.

Biologix specializes in sleep medicine, offering diagnostic solutions and treatments for disorders like sleep apnea.

“The great differential of Biologix is that all of our developments are original and innovative, led by Brazilian researchers. Biologix stands out as an innovation-driven company, and the support of FAPESP is a scientific recognition of the importance of innovation based on solid scientific concepts,” said Tácito de Almeida, founder and CEO of Biologix.

FAPESP is a government research foundation known for funding R&D projects within private and public institutions, and Biologix received a FAPESP grant in 2019.

Founded in 2015, Biologix conducts over 10,000 sleep exams per month, and its technology is used in over 4,100 accredited medical practices across Brazil.

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