Brazilian healthtech Liti raises $4M seed-round to fight obesity


Brazil-based healthtech Liti announced a $4 million seed round. The investors include Monashees, Canary, Grão, Norte, Eclipseon, Newtopia, The Fund and Latitud. Some angel investors come from companies like Rappi (Sebastian Mejia and Simón Borrero), Inventa (Marcos Salama), Loopi Pay (Ricardo Bechara), Yuno Payments (Julian Nuñez), Cayena (Pedro Carvalho), Salú (André Boff),  JHSF (José Auriemo Neto), Coteminas (Josué de Alencar) among others.

The funds will be used for expansion and development of product and technology. Liti supports people in the process of losing weight and improving their metabolic health, with an online solution to guide the weight loss journey focused on patients’ well-being and reduction of diseases associated with overweight or obesity. Customers are attended by a multidisciplinary team who combine technology and data analysis to provide personalized diagnoses that lead to higher success in the patient’s weight loss journey.

“Liti’s mission is so important to society that even in the face of a scarce scenario of capital, we raised with the main venture capital funds a round that allows keep building to completely change the lives of millions of people around the world. As someone who has suffered all his life from the consequences of being overweight, I know the importance of combining technology with health to change the landscape”.

Liti’s co-founder, Fernando Vilela.

Interestingly enough Liti was cofounded a year ago by nutriologist and sports doctor Eduardo Rauen, and ex-Rappi Fernando Vilela. The team joined forces after Eduardo’s personal journey losing weight with Fernando’s follow-up. 

“Studies show that two out of three adults are overweight and/or obese. Numbers indicate how much Liti’s proposal has the potential to generate a major impact on people’s lives”,

adds Liti’s co-founder, Eduardo Rauen.
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