Brazilian logitech FreteBras to make 230 new hires


The Brazilian logitech FreteBras plans to make 230 new hires in remote work positions. The hires will be for the technology, product, and data teams.

FreteBras is part of the logistics startup, together with the fintech FretePago and CargoX. FreteBras connects more than 600,000 motorists and 17,000 companies to operate more efficient delivery services.

The tech platform is transforming the logistics and delivery process in Latin America with AI technology to streamline and simplify delivery. Each step of the delivery journey is monitored and delivery squads are organized efficiently.

The group recently became a unicorn startup, valued at over $1B, following an $200M investment round from SoftBank Latin America Fund and Tencent

The new hires for the Brazilian logitech FreteBras will run across different levels of the company, from junior to leadership positions. The technology team will make the most hires, with 157 vacancies, while product has 29 and data 48.

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