Brazilian mobility startup Quicko raises $10M

LatAm ListQuicko, a big data and mobile intelligence startup from São Paulo recently raised $10M from CCR, a Brazilian transportation company.

Founded by Pedro Somma, Marcos Martin, and Mauricio Quinze, Quicko provides users with the fastest and cheapest option for their chosen route. The app integrates subway, buses, bicycles, Uber, and 99, into its platform. 

“Our goal is to make the user’s life smarter, easier, and more convenient,” said Somma. He added, “We’ve been following mobility in major cities like New York, London, and Barcelona. As service offers increase, people are using new options for their routes. Here in São Paulo there are already apps, for example, to call a car, share bikes as well as scooters. This gives a range of options for taking different routes.”

The startup’s solution is still in its MVP phase and is only available in São Paulo.

Read more on LAVCA.

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